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Shenzhen Monde Enterprise Development Co.,Ltd

Our compnay was set up in 1997. With more than 10 years’ effort, Monde has become one of the important suppliers of linen products worldwide especially in Western market.

Our high quality productsare guaranteed by our insisting on the following three principles: strict and thorough selecting and checking of fabrics, strict producing procedures, having professional and experienced working staff and a highly effective operating and managing team. This tradition has inspired us to create a classically elegant and wonderfully luxurious linen world..

We believe that linen is part of a movement back to the essential value that simplicity and quality are paramount. In the collection, you can find 100% pure linen products, including bed linens, bath linens, table linens, kitchen linens, linen fabrics, and linen accessories such as linen sachets, etc.

Linen is a natural fabric which comes from the fibers of the stalk of the flax plant. The plant is sown in April, produces delicate blue flowers in June and is harvested in August. The subtle intensity of the violet blue flax flower is a sign of the finest fibers and these are used to produce Linen. The wondrous feel and technical advantages of natural fibers are not lost on today's consumers, nor were they lost upon the ancients. Linen is the oldest textile material in the world. Its history goes back thousands of years, well into the Stone Age. And various types of linen fabrics have been popular in use since 17th century.

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